Energy Auditing

Our solution enables our customers to keep track of their building energy consumption and monitor occupants behavior.  In addition to serving as a tool for assessing current energy consumption, it is a low-cost building energy improvement solution that not only minimized cost of energy wast, but also guarantee comfort and satisfaction of occupants.

Our Solution can be used in all energy audit levels:

  • Level 0 – Benchmarking: Our solution can be used for analysis and tracking of historic utility use and costsn data.
  • Level I – Walk-through audit: The Building Information Modeling (BIM) aspect our solution and it data visualization enables our users to identify area for improvements and analysis of operating data and recorded energy consumption.
  • Level II – Detailed/General energy audit:Data analytics in our solution can help users to identifies defects and unusual condition. In addition, the BIM -nature of our solution is compatible with energy analysis tools available in the market for accurate evaluating of energy retrofits alternatives.
  • Level III – Investment-Grade audit: By capturing occupants preferences and accurate current condition assessment of building, our solution reduces the risk of failures in decisions that are made for energy retrofit of building.

As a tool for real-time survey of building operation condition and a solution for reducing energy consumption, our  products enables you to not only save money in operation of facilities, but also qualify for tax benefits exist for energy efficient buildings.