Energy Auditing

Our solution enables customers to monitor their building’s energy consumption and occupant behavior. It serves as a tool for assessing current energy use and offers a cost-effective way to reduce energy waste while ensuring occupant comfort and satisfaction.

Our solution is applicable at all levels of energy audits:

  • Level 0 – Benchmarking: Our solution facilitates the analysis and tracking of historical utility use and cost data.
  • Level I – Walk-through audit: The Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities of our solution, along with its data visualization features, allow users to identify areas for improvement and analyze operating data and recorded energy consumption.
  • Level II – Detailed/General energy audit: Data analytics in our solution help users identify defects and unusual conditions. Additionally, the BIM nature of our solution is compatible with market-available energy analysis tools for accurately evaluating energy retrofit alternatives.
  • Level III – Investment-Grade audit: By capturing occupants’ preferences and providing accurate assessments of current building conditions, our solution minimizes the risk of failures in decisions made for energy retrofits.

As a tool for real-time assessment of building operational conditions and a solution for reducing energy consumption, our products not only save money in facility operations but also qualify for tax benefits available for energy-efficient buildings.