twinup integrates and visualizes real-time operation data in smart buildings and smart cities. This technology-agnostic software can be integrated with any wired, wireless, or IoT devices with an open interface. twinup also serves as a communication platform between facility managers and occupants.

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smartNode is our IoT-based device series for collecting operation data and controlling facility systems. smartNode devices are customizable and support a wide range of sensing technologies, features both wired and wireless communications, and can be used as standalone devices or could be easily integrated with other products. smartNode can serve facilities through their whole lifecycle from construction to operation and demolition.

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Intellica is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) unit we have developed to run facilities autonomously and assist facility managers in recognizing and predicting issues and hazards. It analyses and interpret data in real time, perform autonomous tasks, communicate with managers and occupants, and get commands from users. It also provides the same service for monitoring and controlling job-sites.