About dataArrows

dataArrows provides BIM-based software solutions and consulting services. We are specialized in integrated information management, Virtual/Augmented Reality, and smart facility management.


dataArrows was founded in 2016 as a research group focused on BIM open technologies. In 2016, our BIM platform was awarded by buildingSMART International. In 2017, we released ifcMiner based on this platform, which had been downloaded by thousands of industry professionals and researcher across the globe. In 2019, the group was transformed into an incorporation and aimed for development of BIM-based integrated engineering solutions. In the same year, we released bimPort as a solution for integrating BIM with building design, construction, and operation data.


dataArrows has developed multiple BIM-based tools to assist facility and infrastructures’ designers, managers and users. ifcMiner and bimPort are just two of the extensive experience of our teams aiming to improve the design and management procedures. ifcMiner which is awarded by buildingSMART International (bSI) is a tool to transform the architectural models into structural models. And the recently developed bimPort is a powerful instrument to manage and centralize facility information.


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